Nanak Singh’s Khooni Vaisakhi: The Poet and the Poem by Navdeep Singh Suri

Spring 2021 Abstract This paper provides insight into key aspects of the Punjabi poem, Khooni Vaisakhi, written byNanak Singh, who was present at the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of 13 April, 1919, in Amritsar,Punjab. The poem was published in 1920, banned soon after, and was essentially lost for thenext 60 years. The current author translated the … Read more

Gathering the Vanishing History of Punjab and South Asia Through Crowdsourced Lived Memories by Guneeta Bhalla

Spring 2021 Abstract The 1947 Partition Archive is a crowdsourced oral history repository that trains and empowerscitizens to document life stories of those who witnessed the Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947.The novel methods for oral history documentation used by The 1947 Partition Archive aim todemocratize the telling of history by exploiting modern communication … Read more

Separation Without End: Translated Excerpts from Surjit Sarna’s Book, Vichode Ban Gaye Sadiyan by Navtej Singh Sarna

Spring 2021 Abstract This paper provides excerpts from a new translation of noted Punjabi poet Surjit Sarna’s book,Vichode Ban Gaye Sadiyan, written after the death of her husband, Mohinder Singh Sarna, also anoted Punjabi writer. The excerpts are organized around important places from Surjit Sarna’s lifeand her relationship with her husband, and not necessarily by … Read more

Book Reviews

Spring 2021 The Legacy of Militancy in Punjab: Long Road to ‘Normalcy’ (Inderjit Singh Jaijee & Dona Suri) Reviewed by Gurshaminder Singh Bajwa Spatializing Popular Sufi Shrines in Punjab: Dreams, Memories, Territoriality (Yogesh Snehi)Reviewed by Nida Sajid Book Reviews – Click the PDF icon to view, right click to save as. Other papers in this … Read more

On the Farmers’ Movement – Editorial Team

Spring 2021 Introduction Special Issues on Farmers’ Movement in India – Part 1 The Sikh Research Journal (SRJ) is meant to build bridges between scholars inthe field of Sikh and Punjabi Studies, academics from other disciplines, membersof the Sikh community, South Asians and others. The farmers’ movement, just asit has catalyzed issues and concerns beyond … Read more

Farm Laws versus Field Realities: Understanding India’s Agricultural Markets by Shoumitro Chatterjee, Mekhala Krishnamurthy

Spring 2021 Abstract This paper evaluates the actual state of agricultural markets and existing agricultural marketregulation in India. It contrasts this with the design of the new “farm laws,” and argues thatthose reforms may be misdirected in many respects. The paper makes a case for betterunderstanding of intermediation, the need for several kinds of public … Read more

India’s Agricultural Market Acts of 2020: Implications for (small) farmers with special reference to Punjab by Sukhpal Singh

Spring 2021 Abstract Agricultural markets are key to ensuring higher farmer incomes, but in India, agriculturalmarket reforms have been stuck for almost two decades as agriculture is a state subject. TheUnion Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare (MoAFW) framed two new Acts onagricultural produce wholesale markets and contract farming (besides amending the EssentialCommodities Act, 1955) … Read more