Making the Disappeared Appear: Ensaaf’s Archive of Loss and Remains by Shruti Devgan

Spring 2020 Abstract Ensaaf, a transnational non-profit organization, is in the process of creating an expansive digital archive of “disappeared” Sikhs in Punjab, India. This essay offers a reflection on Ensaaf’s latest digital project: sharing the stories of the disappeared every day on their social media pages—Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Through such daily sharing, Ensaaf … Read more

Book Reviews

Spring 2020 Drinking from Love’s Cup: Surrender and Sacrifice in the Vars of Bhai Gurdas Bhalla by Rahuldeep Singh GillReviewed by Purnima Dhavan Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines by Amandeep SandhuReviewed by Deepak Kumar Book Reviews – Click the PDF icon to view, right click to save as. Other papers in this volume

Revolution and Assimilation: Understanding the Evolving Identity of the Punjabi Sikh Diaspora in California during the Early Twentieth Century by Rajan Gill

Sept 2019 Abstract This paper examines the evolving identity of the Punjabi Sikh diaspora in California during the early twentieth century, focusing on the relatively neglected role of the Pacific Coast Khalsa Diwan Society and its interactions with the Ghadar Party. In doing so, the paper adds to previous global accounts of the Ghadar Party … Read more

The Three Pillars of Sikhism: A Note on Origins by Nirvikar Singh

Sept 2019 Abstract This paper considers a trio of moral precepts for Sikhs that have come to be known as the “threepillars of Sikhism,” (Naam japna, kirat karni, vand chhakna) and traces their origins to a specificwork of Bhai Vir Singh, originally published in 1907. The paper also discusses some subsequentliterary use of the triple, … Read more

Christian and Sikh Communities in Iran and role of Language Identity: A Comparative Approach to the Social-Linguistic Aspects of the Christianity and Sikhism in the Middle East by Rajdeep Singh

Sept 2018 Abstract Middle East is the birthplace of all major Abrahamic religions. However, the Christian community in the Middle East does not enjoy the same diversity as Christians enjoy in the West. In this study, we approach the Christian faith in Iran from the socio-linguistic perspective which can be further applied to the wider … Read more

Minority Minsters in Media: A Study on Digital Representations of Canadian Sikh Politicians in Mainstream Media and Their Effects on Race Relations in Canada by Sohela Suri

Dec 2017 Abstract Abstract: Focusing on Harjit Singh Sajjan and Navdeep Singh Bains of the Trudeau Administration, this project analyzes the effects of popular digital representations of Canadian Sikh Ministers, in daily news, on race relations in Canada, as quantified by representations of hate crimes. These representations are analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively; this study looks … Read more

Guru Gobind Singh: A Humanitarian of Medieval Times by Dr. Mohammad Habib

Nov 2016 Abstract No abstract at this time. Guru Gobind Singh: A Humanitarian of Medieval Times by Dr. Mohammad Habib Click the PDF icon to view, right click to save as. Dr. Mohammad Habib is an Assistant Professor in Islamic Studies in the Department of Religious Studies at Punjabi University, Patiala. Dr. Habib received his … Read more

The Genesis and Development of Sikh Calendar Art by Dr. Kavita Singh

Oct 2016 Abstract This research paper traces the genesis and development of Sikh Calendar art/Sikh Popular art which has systematically evolved into a full-fledged genre of Sikh art over the last three centuries as it draws inspiration from the Sikh religion, ethos, philosophical perspectives and glorious history of the Sikhs. The fountainhead of Sikh Calendar … Read more