Book Colloquium: Faith, Gender, and Activism in the Punjab Conflict: The Wheat Fields Still Whisper by Mallika Kaur

Fall 2020
Intersection of Faith, Gender, and Activism: Challenging Hegemony by
Giving “Voice” to the Victims of State Violence in Punjab

by Navkiran Kaur Chima

The Punjab Conflict Retold: Extraordinary Suffering and Everyday Resistance
by Shruti Devgan

The Potency of Sikh Memory: Time Travel and Memory Construction in the
Wake of Disappearance

by Harleen Kaur

Journeying through Mallika Kaur’s Faith, Gender, and Activism in the
Punjab Conflict

by Sasha Sabherwal

Book Author’s Reflective Response to Review Commentaries
by Mallika Kaur

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