Final Reflections on the Farmers’ Movement – Editorial Team

Spring 2022 Special Section on Farmers Movement in India The end of the yearlong farmers agitation on November 19, 2021, led mostly by farmers from Punjab and Haryana at the borders of Delhi marked a tremendous success in its resistance to legislation of the central government and corporatization of agriculture in India. The movement defeated … Read more

Dalits and Farmers’ Movement in India – Nirmal Singh

Spring 2022 Abstract The farmers and laborers were two primary stakeholders who comprised a majority of protesters at the most recent farmers movement on the borders of Delhi, the capital of India. While the farmers are mainly the land-owning upper caste communities known as Jats (Sikhs in Punjab and Hindus in other northern states), the … Read more

Who are farmers in India after all? A conceptual exercise and a policy question – Sejuti Das Gupta, Ishita Mehrotra, and Aparajita Bakshi

Spring 2022 Abstract Definitional exercises are by nature political and nowhere does this come across more clearly than in attempts to define farmers in India. Any such effort is bound to be contentious but nonetheless necessary for understanding the nature of Indian state and its policies. This article is one attempt at understanding ‘farmers’ as … Read more