Life at the Lahore Darbār: 1799-1839 by Nadhra S.N. Khan

July 2016 Abstract This article offers an insight into the glamorous life of the Lahore Darbār—the court of Maharaja Ranjit Singh who ruled the Punjab for forty years (1799–1839). The city of Lahore had enjoyed prominence since Mughal times and having served as their provincial capital boasted of several grand edifices. The fortified Mughal palace … Read more

Posthumous Homage Paid to Maharaja Ranjit Singh by Nadhra S.N. Khan

June 2016 Abstract Maharaja Ranjit Singh died on June 27, 1839 after ruling the Punjab for forty years (1799–1839). Following the Rajput tradition, eleven women of his harem (four wives and seven slave-gilrs) immolated themselves on his funerary pyre. The Maharaja’s samādhi or funerary monument stands in Lahore but unknown to most people is the … Read more

Sikh Material Heritage and Sikh Social Practice in a Museum-Community Partnership: The Smithsonian’s Sikh Heritage Project by Paul Michael Taylor

May 2016 Abstract Focusing on aspects of community involvement in the Smithsonian’s Sikh Heritage Project, which since its founding in 2000 has included an exhibition and many other public activities, this paper considers some differences in the conceptualization of what constitutes “heritage” as perceived by Sikh community members, museum staff, and the broader museum public. … Read more