Farmers’ Movement in Punjab: Consciousness and Politics by Surinder Singh

Fall 2021
The paper argues that the leaders in the ongoing farmers’ movement in India are playing a decisive role in raising consciousness among farmers and agricultural labourers, including influencing them to assert their rights in the political scenario at the level of state as well as the centre. The rising consciousness and fear of land1 seizure are prompting the farmers’ collective fight against privatization in the agricultural sector and anti-farmers policies of the central government. Although a pre-existing consciousness has played a vital role in initiating the movement, the movement itself has heightened much consciousness among farmers and farm workers. Their raised consciousness and mobilization for the movement has also forced agriculture related issues on the agendas of various political parties at all levels of politics. Thus, the paper discusses the various ways in which the farmers’ organizations have raised farmers and farm labourers’ consciousness that has motivated them to participate in formal politics which has far-reaching consequences for Indian democracy. Because the movement is ongoing, the analysis, thus far, is preliminary and consequently, exploratory in nature. 

Keywords: political consciousness, Punjabi farmers, farm laws, electoral politics, farmers unions

Farmers’ Movement in Punjab: Consciousness and Politics by Surinder Singh
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Surinder Singh
Panjab University Rural Centre, Kauni, Sri Muktsar Sahib, Punjab, India

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