Caste, Sikhi, and Undelivered Promises: Sikh Research Journal’s Interview of the Poetic Justice Foundation



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Sandhra , S., Hira, M., singh, manmit, & Lal, A. (2024). Caste, Sikhi, and Undelivered Promises: Sikh Research Journal’s Interview of the Poetic Justice Foundation. Sikh Research Journal, 8(2), 5–23.


This is the edited transcription of an interview with Anita Lal, Meena Hira, Dr. Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra, and manmit singh by Drs. Harleen Kaur and prabhdeep singh kehal (Co-Lead Editors of SRJ) that took place on September 20, 2023. In this conversation, they reflect on caste and caste violence in Punjabi and Sikh spaces by exploring their collective journey towards advocating for caste abolition within the framework of Sikhi. The panelists map out the current movements against caste violence in the diaspora and offer insights based on their current and ongoing organizing efforts to confront the silence of caste in Sikh spaces. The panelists discuss how this issue is crucial because it addresses the persistent yet frequently unacknowledged problem of caste and caste violence within Punjabi and Sikh communities. The panelists believe it is vital to actively challenge and advocate for the abolition of caste discrimination, aligning with the principles of equality and justice in Sikhi. They emphasize the urgency of this discussion in the current context, recognizing a growing awareness and movement against caste violence, particularly in the diaspora. This moment offers a pivotal opportunity to confront these deep-rooted issues and foster a more inclusive and equitable community. The full recording of the interview is accessible through the following link.
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Copyright (c) 2024 Dr. Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra (Sharn) , Meena Hira, manmit singh, Anita Lal


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