Mover of Energies – Hans S. Gustafson

Winter 2022
First Paragraph
The first time I encountered Rahuldeep was at an academic interfaith conference hosted by
California Lutheran University in collaboration with Interfaith America (previously known as the
Interfaith Youth Core). He was speaking on a panel focused on energizing college campuses with
curricular and cocurricular programming that fosters interfaith engagement. The only thing I
remember from any speaker that day was something Rahuldeep passionately proclaimed. He
preached the idea of making the everyday commitment to “radical experimentation” when it
comes to building bridges across religious difference. His spirit of radical experimentation in
pushing the boundaries, trying new approaches, and welcoming others into the process,
continues to guide much of what I professionally strive for today. Rahuldeep enthusiastically
articulated this commitment in his own life and energetically modeled it in his relationships,
teaching, scholarship, and professional duties.

Keywords: Rahuldeep Singh Gill, community ethics, interfaith, pedagogy

Mover of Energies – Hans S. Gustafson
SRJ V7N2 Winter 2022 Special Issue – Dr. Rahuldeep Singh Gill
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Hans S. Gustafson
University of St. Thomas

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