On the Farmers’ Movement – Editorial Team

Spring 2021
Special Issues on Farmers’ Movement in India – Part 1

The Sikh Research Journal (SRJ) is meant to build bridges between scholars in
the field of Sikh and Punjabi Studies, academics from other disciplines, members
of the Sikh community, South Asians and others. The farmers’ movement, just as
it has catalyzed issues and concerns beyond the details of the design of a set of
laws, inspired members of the editorial team to embody and extend this objective,
with a set of special issues on the many aspects of the movement. The editors of
these special issues include three members of the SRJ core editorial team, all
based in the US, and three guest editors based in India. We embark on this
journey with the specific aim to be a bridge between academic analysis and lived
experience by including voices of academics, activists, and community members
on the issue of the farmers’ agitation. Our backgrounds and our motivation are
briefly described at the end of this introduction.

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The editorial team for these issues comprises of:
Shoma Choudhury Lahiri
, Shruti Devgan, Diditi Mitra, Nirmal Singh, Dona Suri, Elizabeth Weigler

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