Farmers’ Movement in Punjab: Consciousness and Politics by Surinder Singh

Fall 2021 Abstract The paper argues that the leaders in the ongoing farmers’ movement in India are playing a decisive role in raising consciousness among farmers and agricultural labourers, including influencing them to assert their rights in the political scenario at the level of state as well as the centre. The rising consciousness and fear … Read more

Farm Laws versus Field Realities: Understanding India’s Agricultural Markets by Shoumitro Chatterjee, Mekhala Krishnamurthy

Spring 2021 Abstract This paper evaluates the actual state of agricultural markets and existing agricultural marketregulation in India. It contrasts this with the design of the new “farm laws,” and argues thatthose reforms may be misdirected in many respects. The paper makes a case for betterunderstanding of intermediation, the need for several kinds of public … Read more