Who are farmers in India after all? A conceptual exercise and a policy question – Sejuti Das Gupta, Ishita Mehrotra, and Aparajita Bakshi

Spring 2022 Abstract Definitional exercises are by nature political and nowhere does this come across more clearly than in attempts to define farmers in India. Any such effort is bound to be contentious but nonetheless necessary for understanding the nature of Indian state and its policies. This article is one attempt at understanding ‘farmers’ as … Read more

Photo Essay – Documenting the farmers movement with photographs from the field: An Interview with former sarpanch of Khassan, Dr. Narinder Singh Kang by Diditi Mitra

Fall 2021 1st Paragraph The farmers movement in India, in response to the recently passed farm laws by the Government of India, continues with fervor even as it comes up on a year. Support for the agitating farmers have come from diverse groups, both from within India as well as internationally – climate activists, celebrities, … Read more