Deconstructing a Janamsakhi Illustration: Guru Nanak in Mecca, from the Kapany Collection, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA – by Priyanka Panjwani

Spring 2023 Abstract It is rightly said that “All art is in part about the world in which it emerged.” As part of aNorth Indian hagiographic manuscript written in the 19th century, the miniature paintinganalyzed in this essay depicts a miracle of the founder of Sikhism-Guru Nanak. This essaywill deconstruct the visual elements in the … Read more

The Three Pillars of Sikhism: A Note on Origins by Nirvikar Singh

Sept 2019 Abstract This paper considers a trio of moral precepts for Sikhs that have come to be known as the “threepillars of Sikhism,” (Naam japna, kirat karni, vand chhakna) and traces their origins to a specificwork of Bhai Vir Singh, originally published in 1907. The paper also discusses some subsequentliterary use of the triple, … Read more