Arpana Caur and the Mending of Religious Fractures – Lucy Soucek

Spring 2023 Abstract This paper explores the paintings of Sikh artist Arpana Caur. She creates works of art that drawupon motifs from different religions to foster unique interfaith spaces. Her bold and bright strokesof color both illuminate memories of cultural trauma and celebrate religious dedication. She depictspowerful images of boundary and unity, love and harm, … Read more

Separation Without End: Translated Excerpts from Surjit Sarna’s Book, Vichode Ban Gaye Sadiyan by Navtej Singh Sarna

Spring 2021 Abstract This paper provides excerpts from a new translation of noted Punjabi poet Surjit Sarna’s book,Vichode Ban Gaye Sadiyan, written after the death of her husband, Mohinder Singh Sarna, also anoted Punjabi writer. The excerpts are organized around important places from Surjit Sarna’s lifeand her relationship with her husband, and not necessarily by … Read more