Numismatic Narratives: Sovereignty, Identity, and Devotion in the Parvinder S. Khanuja Collection of Sikh Coins – Paul Michael Taylor and Saeed Husain

Spring 2023 Abstract This paper is a case study of the role of coin collecting in the Sikh diaspora in the United States, witcomparative references to broader sources on Sikh and non-Sikh coin and medal (i.e., numismatic)collecting beyond this one collector and collection. Here we briefly survey the collection of Sikh coinsassembled (within a much … Read more

Commemorating Rahuldeep Singh Gill’s Calling: Translation as Love and Ethical Practice – Purnima Dhavan

Winter 2022 First Paragraph Every translation is an act of interpretation. Rahuldeep Singh Gill’s Drinking from Love’s Cup:Surrender and Sacrifice in the Vars of Bhai Gurdas Bhalla, published by Oxford UniversityPress as part of the American Academy of Religion’s “Religion in Translation” series in 2016,represents a significant turning point in English materials available to students … Read more

Rahuldeep Singh Gill and Sikh Studies: A Reflection – Nirvikar Singh

Winter 2022 Introduction This paper aims to summarize and evaluate the contributions of Rahuldeep Singh Gill to the fieldof Sikh Studies, and to acquaint new readers with these contributions. In some respects,Rahuldeep Gill occupied a unique position in the field. As I will argue, he was not only anaccomplished, significant scholar of key aspects of … Read more

The Construction of Dangerous Boundaries – Rajbir Singh Judge

Winter 2022 First Paragraph Questioning the logic of bravery and safety, Rahuldeep Singh Gill asked us to consider danger.The problem with ‘safe spaces,’ Gill writes, is that the logic of safety “implies that participants in‘safe’ space will not be exposed to any level of danger.” And yet there is danger. In the face ofsuch danger, … Read more