Arpana Caur and the Mending of Religious Fractures – Lucy Soucek

Spring 2023 Abstract This paper explores the paintings of Sikh artist Arpana Caur. She creates works of art that drawupon motifs from different religions to foster unique interfaith spaces. Her bold and bright strokesof color both illuminate memories of cultural trauma and celebrate religious dedication. She depictspowerful images of boundary and unity, love and harm, … Read more

Fabric of Faith: Faith in Conservation – Namita Jaspal

Spring 2023 Abstract This paper describes methods of cleaning, mending and display for preserving historical objectsof clothing. The examples used in the paper are garments worn by the sixth Guru of the Sikhs,Hargobind Singh ji, and 18th century Sikh leader Banda Singh Bahadur. Keywords: Sikh, heritage, conservation, historic textile, preservation Fabric of Faith: Faith in … Read more

Children of the Divine: Bhagat Puran Singh’s Pingalwara and the Children’s Rights Principle of Non-discrimination – Jaspreet Kaur Bal

Spring 2020 Abstract This paper discusses the Sikh principle of non-discrimination and Bhagat Puran Singh’s work with the marginalized in India. I start by outlining the principle of non-discrimination in Sikh and global human rights discourses. I then move on to looking at historic and contemporary examples of this principle in practice, including the life … Read more

Revolution and Assimilation: Understanding the Evolving Identity of the Punjabi Sikh Diaspora in California during the Early Twentieth Century by Rajan Gill

Sept 2019 Abstract This paper examines the evolving identity of the Punjabi Sikh diaspora in California during the early twentieth century, focusing on the relatively neglected role of the Pacific Coast Khalsa Diwan Society and its interactions with the Ghadar Party. In doing so, the paper adds to previous global accounts of the Ghadar Party … Read more